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Bulgarian company specialized in organic honey production is looking for partners under distribution services agreement for its new creamed honey product line

The Bulgarian company is located in the region of Pazardzhik and is a producer of natural honey products. It has created an innovative honey product – creamed honey with different flavors, which can be used as a healthy substitute of jams and sweets. The SME has already exported in the following countries: Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA. The company is looking for new experienced partners to distribute its products abroad under distribution services agreement.

UK company providing training for midwives and health professionals in the maternity sector seeks subcontracting/outsourcing opportunities.

This company has designed a range of training courses in the field of midwifery. Through a team of highly skilled senior midwifes, they offer practical and evidence based training to health professionals. With experience in delivering training courses in Spanish speaking countries such as Spain, Chile and Argentina, they wish to grow their international network and are offering their services under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements to international partners worldwide.

Swedish MedTech SME is looking for distributors of their novel Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

A Swedish medical technology SME has developed a single-use canister for free negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). The device and therapy is a reliable and advanced dressing that promote healing, require minimal changes and is comfortable to the patient. Typically, a diabetic foot ulcer can be healed within 5-6 weeks of treatment. The SME is seeking partners for a distribution agreement for its medical device.

Bulgarian producer of rose water for drinking is looking for international cooperation under distribution services agreement, manufacturing in particular country under “Private label basis” and joint venture agreement

The Bulgarian company was established in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It is the main producer and exporter of rose water for drinking – natural and carbonated drinks. The rose water for drinking is suitable for everyday consumption. It is a unique and innovative product which combines modern and traditional methods to meet the needs of contemporary people. The company wants to disttribute its products. There is an option for manufacturing under “Private label basis” and joint venture.