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A well established Slovak ICT company offers remote monitoring and control system usable e.g. in production processes and is looking for distributors

The Slovak company is very active internationally and cooperates with many foreign clients. The company solves complex technical problems of their clients and works on technically challenging projects across all the industry sectors. The company offers a system for remote monitoring and control devices, which could be used e.g. in production processes. The company is looking for business partners to cooperate with via commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

Irish cloud-based solutions provider seeking foreign partners to distribute its product offering in the areas of environment, information communication technology and intelligent energy worldwide

An Irish company has developed a digital-forms cloud based product with a series of functions that help organisations push tasks to and capture data from operatives in the field. The data can be used to identify trends, provide evidence of work done or prove adherence to regulations. The company are seeking distribution services agreements with foreign partners to distribute it’s product offering in the areas of environment, information communication technology and intelligent energy.

A Dutch law firm offers legal services to entrepreneurs and businesses under outsourcing agreement

A law firm based in the Netherlands offers legal services to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish themselves in The Netherlands or the EU, or wishing to conduct business there. The firm is able to offer a wide scale of legal services in the field of commercial/civil law, intellectual property law, public law and litigation. It has furthermore specialized in providing legal services to expanding international clients. The preferred type of cooperation is outsourcing agreement.

French company specialized in nautical eco-friendly recreational equipement is looking for distributors

A French company has developed an innovative electric stand up paddle.This recreational equipment easy to use is ideal to explore the coasts and does not require physical or technical skills. The company is looking for distributors able to work with the tourism sector (rental companies, seaside resorts, watersports centers) particularly in Italy, Greece, Spain,Turkey, but also in the United States and the Middle East.The company will sign distribution services agreements with the partners.

Bulgarian manufacturer of essential oils and natural cosmetic products seeks distributors

Bulgarian manufacturer of essential oils and natural cosmetic products, with its own brand, is looking for distributors of its products portfolio in the EU and non-EU markets. It envisages to offer a distribution services agreement.
The SME has gained Record ?1/1992 certifying the 1st batch of Rose oil manufactured by a private entrepreneur in Bulgaria. It grows own plantations of Rose oil-bearing Rosa Damascena flower, Lavender & other essential oil crops in the fertile region of Plovdiv.

Romanian company, specialized in fabricating metallic parts and industrial machinery components is seeking manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution agreements.

The Romanian company provides competent and complete services in the fields of: machining, computer aided design using CAD software and milling and turning with the help of CAM software, therefore the company is interested to work under subcontracting, manufacturing or distribution agreements. The company owns modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment to ensure high quality and productivity for a wide range of products and manufacturing possibilities.

Ukrainian company specialized in design and production of high quality and tailor-made bridal dresses is interested in commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

The company was founded in 2006 and specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of wedding dresses. The manufacturer became a sizeable factory in Eastern Europe, Ukraine with experienced designers and skilled master tailors. The company is looking for a long-term relationship under commercial agency or distribution services agreements for expanding the market of its products.

Swedish manufacturer of innovative seal-ring is looking for distributors or sales agents worldwide

A Swedish company develops and manufactures an innovative split seal-ring used in the pulp and paper industry. The quick-lock technology is patented, and once closed, the seal-ring is impossible to open. The company is now looking for experienced partners for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements worldwide. They are also looking for new markets and applications.