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A young company from Italy that produces snacks with potatoes is looking to conclude distribution services agreement.

This Italian company is the first in the Apulia region that produces snacks with potatoes entirely grown and processed in Salento. One of the main aims of the company is to be able to realize the entire supply chain – from cultivation to packaging – in its own territory, thus creating a completely «made in Puglia» product. The company wants to expand into the European market via a distribution services agreement.

Ukrainian SME of production the underground waste systems (underground trash bins) seeks distributors in Europe

An Ukrainian production SME located in the central part of Ukraine is engaged in the production of equipment for collect and sort household waste into standard underground trash bins. With the help of the equipment, the bins go underground and go up for devastation, and also develops software for control removal waste. The SME is looking for partners under distribution service agreement.

A Polish company specializing in the manufacture of composite reinforced concrete for glass and basalt fibers is looking to conclude commercial agency agreement and is looking for the distributors

This Polish company produces glass fiber and basalt composite rods, using materials with high-quality standards. Composite reinforcement bars are an innovative product that is gaining increasing interest in the construction industry worldwide. The advantages of composite bars are: stretch resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetization and temperature, lightness. The company is looking for cooperation under the distribution services agreement and for a commercial agency agreement.

Romanian manufacturer of work protection garments is looking partners for distribution services or manufacturing agreements.

Romanian company specialized in manufacture of disposable protection garments and protective work wears like coverall, smocks, aprons, armrests, booties, work-trousers, padded vests, jackets and various types of overalls made of cotton or mixture of natural and synthetic fibres is looking for distributors and partners who require manufacturing of custom disposable protection garments and protective work wears.