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Italian company developing photoluminescent panels and fabrics is looking for retailing and distribution partners

The Italian company supported by leading university partners, has developed and tested a range of new photoluminescent products for design purposes. All these products, in addition to their original aesthetic pleasing effects, have a strong energy saving capacity. The company would like to establish relationships with agents and distributors, via commercial agency or distributoin agreements, to reach retailers and companies in the building, nautical and design sectors.

Ukrainian manufacturer of the raw material for make-up, gel polish and PET-bottles is looking for distribution services and manufacturing agreements.

The Ukrainian manufacturer of the raw materials in the bulk of all kinds of colour cosmetics (foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, pencils for lips and eyes, lipstick, lipgloss, lip balms), gel polish, nail polish and nail care is looking for partners under distribution services or/and manufacturing agreements.

A Chinese robot investment company seeks European service (or special) robot products via a distribution service agreement.

This is a Chinese robot investment company mainly undertaking the responsibility of robot industry investment, merger and acquisition, construction of robot industrial centers and smart manufacturing industry innovation service platforms. According to their business expansion strategy, they are looking for service (or special) robot products from the European market. Potential cooperation could be via a distribution service agreement.

German designer company is looking for distributors/agents for their ecologically and sustainably designed barrique furniture made of used wine barrels

A small German designer company, located in the south-west, designs and crafts extraordinary and stylish furniture which is made of used barrique wine barrels. The new design concept is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The company is looking for agents or distributors who are interested in distribution services, commercial agency or joint venture agreements.

A Spanish SME developer of a new system to transform regular chlorinated swimming pools into naturally depurated ones, seeks international partners for its distribution

A Spanish SME specialized in the sustainability field has designed and developed a new system for natural swimming water depuration. The product is totally adaptable to any pool dimension, and the biological filter is based on living aquatic plants, so it does not need any them http://ical product for water purifying. The company is searching for international partners to distribute or commercialize its product under a commercial or distribution agreement. License agreements are also possible.

French start-up is looking for distributors for its portable and easy-to-use water analyser to detect dangerous metals

The French start-up is developing new products based on a disruptive technology : microfluidic sensors allowing electrochemical detection. The company has designed and produced a first commercial version of a water analyser, portable, easy-to-use, able to detect very small amounts of dangerous metals, such as arsenic and lead. The company is looking for distributors in Europe.

Dutch technology developer and provider of smart locks and access management systems with mobile credentials is looking for commercial partners

A Dutch technology developer and provider with a wide variety of smart locks and access management systems with mobile credentials, that are suitable and upgradable for any access point (doors, safes, cabinets, etc.) is looking for partners like access control integrators and distributors to cooperate in the framework of a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement for Europe.

A UK producer of foliar fertilisers, biostimulants and seed treatments is looking for distribution and joint venture partners with an existing complementary portfolio and expert local cropping knowledge.

Midlands UK SME specialising in crop nutrition covering a full range of products is seeking distribution agreements with experienced partners with technical knowledge of nutrition to match requirements for their local market. Their products are well promoted and recognised in the major arable sectors of the UK. They would like to expand their offering via a distribution services agreements and are also open to joint venture partnerships.

German company manufacturing innovative ceramic facade tiles is looking for partners to distribute their products

A German company is specialised in producing intelligent ceramic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The ceramic facade tiles are produced from high-quality clay raw materials, from the Westerwald, Germany, ensuring an exceptional product quality altogether. For their tiles they are now looking for international distribution partners to enter into a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.