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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

A Czech provider of economic and environmentally friendly cup solutions is looking for new foreign distributors

The well-established family-owned Czech company develops and manufactures innovative and genuine returnable cups and provides complementary services. The market is various events with tens up to many thousands of visitors. The products/services save environment and customer´s time/money. The company business is very successful within Czechia and Slovakia. The company needs to find new enthusiastic value added distributors from abroad for selling products and providing service (afterwards).

Italian manufacturer with extensive experience in the production of plumbing and heating components is looking for importers under a distribution services agreement

The company is based in northern Italy and produces plumbing, heating components, and underfloor heating and cooling systems for both civil and industrial purposes. They are looking for new partners to support them in expanding their business abroad. The type of collaboration sought is a distribution services agreement.

Russian architectural and engineering company is looking for reliable foreign partners interested in concluding an outsourcing agreement

A Russian design, architecture and engineering company from the Sverdlovsk region specializes in the provision of complete services to foreign realty investors and developers interested in the Russian realty market. The company has a large experience in re/constructions of commercial and residential projects including exacting reconstructions of historical buildings. The company is interested in finding foreign partners to conclude a mutually beneficial outsourcing agreement.

A Bulgarian company offers a smart, light and wearable telemedicine device under distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

A Bulgarian software company has developed a telemedicine device with corresponding applications and cloud services, capable of measuring vital parameters of the human body by remote observation in continuous mode in real time. It can help the physician to diagnose and take further care of the patient based on those parameters. The company is looking for commercialization partners under distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

Italian company specialized in the production of cosmetics with ocean seaweed is looking for distributors in order to enlarge its sales network

The Italian company has a well-known brand name and is specialized in the production of cosmetic products made with ocean seaweed for skin, face and hair care. In order to expand its sales channels in Scandinavian countries, China, Japan, Mexico and Cyprus, it is looking for importers and distributors selling in pharmacies & herbalists.

A Turkish company that produces rapid diagnostic kits used in the diagnosis of disease agents used in veterinary medicine offers a distribution services agreement

The Turkish produces chairside/point-of-care rapid diagnostic kits used in the diagnosis of disease agents used in veterinary medicine. The company currently produces and sells cattle, sheep, goats, cats, and dogs’ rapid diagnostic tests. The company offers a distribution service agreement to extend its market network and reach new customers.

Russian developer of a predictive analytics and risk management platform in healthcare based on artificial intelligence is looking for a licensee

A Russian company has developed an innovative software – a predictive analytics and risk management platform in healthcare based on machine learning. The platform is designed for automatic analysis of depersonalized medical data in order to predict the risks of developing diseases. The system is intended for doctors, healthcare organizations and insurance companies. The company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a license agreement.

Spanish manufacturer of paints, enamels and varnishes is looking for distributors or agents for its broad range products

Spanish company, with more than 100 years of experience and dedicated to the manufacture of paints, enamels and varnishes, is looking for distributors and agents specially in France, Africa and Latin America. The company offers a wide portfolio of specialized products in several categories: decoration, facades, waterproofing, industrial line with specialized certifications in corrosion and specialized flooring line as well as tintometric solutions.