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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Polish company offers eco seeds and grains for distribution

A Polish company from the agriculture industry offers a wide selection of seeds including oats, barley, wheat, triticale, rye and lupine blue. Moreover, they also provide grains suitable for consumption and feeding animals. The firm is looking for distributors with contacts among local farmers. They can also supply farmers associations with seeds and grain within the framework of subcontracting agreement.

A Belgian process innovation and construction company is looking for providers of (1) high-power electrical resistances and (2) high power electrical process heaters under supplier or manufacturing agreement.

The Belgian company makes production processes in the energy-intensive industries more efficient. In order to rebuild the production processes of their clients, the company is looking for providers of high-power (> 100 kW) electrical resistances to be used for converting gas-powered utilities. It is also looking for electrical process air heaters for humid air for an energy-efficient electrical coffee bean roaster under supplier or manufacturing agreement.

Russian producer of natural agricultural products is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian company specializing in agricultural production (cranberry, bog bilberry, rose, rowan, wild mushrooms, dried vegetables) without adding artificial additives. This enables the products to have beneficial properties and to contribute in the health of the consumer. The company is looking for companies from the food industry or retail stores, food stores for a distribution services agreement.

Czech designer and inventor offers the patented rights of its innovative fountain pen with vanishing nib and magnetic opening/closing to a manufacturer for serial production on the basis of a license agreement

The Czech designer and inventor offers a newly designed fountain pen with a unique construction and appearance. The production rights are offered to a manufacturer for serial production on the basis of a license agreement. The innovation of the pen is in a combination of several features. Simple design makes the pen easy to manufacture. The user experience and ergonomics are at high level thanks to vanishing nib and magnetic opening/closing.

A small Croatian company specialized in production and distribution of dietary supplements, natural cosmetics and delicacies based on bee products is looking for distributors abroad

A small 60 years old Croatian family company is specialized in production and distribution of dietary supplements, natural cosmetics and delicacies based on bee products. Their products range include dietary supplements (apitherapy products), gourmet honey, finest Croatian sorts of honey and natural cosmetics based on bee´s products. The company would like to distribute their authentic brand, and is ready to establish long-term cooperation on the basis of a distribution services agreement.

Russian developer of a wireless temperature and humidity control system is looking for foreign partners for licence agreement

A Russian company engaged in software development and electronic devices has developed an uncomplicated system for monitoring temperature and humidity. This system is designed to measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure in rooms for various purposes. The Russian company is looking for foreign partners to conclude a license agreement.

A Polish company dealing with the production of wooden (larch and pine) articles for the garden, furniture and construction sector is looking for partners for distribution agreements and subcontracting partners for production agreements.

The family-owned Polish company which has been dealing with processing of pine and larch wood would like to develop new markets abroad and is therefore searching for supermarkets, wholesalers, gardening stores for distribution agreements as well as subcontracting partners representing furniture or construction industry.

French importer of high-quality rare organic olive oil from the Maghreb is looking for distributors in Europe

A French SME specialized in naturopathy and health food, imports rare niche gourmet products in limited quantities which are real pearls reflecting the excellence and authenticity of the living heritage of the Maghreb. The SME offers in particular a premium organic extra virgin fruity olive oil with a gold medal (500ml bottle). It is looking for commercial partners in Europe (distributors of high-end products, central purchasing office for delicatessen) under distribution service agreements.