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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Spanish SME offers video making for the science and technology sectors under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

Spanish SME, specialized in scientific image, visual and audiovisual contents such as documentaries, series, advertising, corporate videos, video-papers, 2D & 3D models and animations, offers video making and consultancy services for the science and technology community. The company is looking for subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.

A French SME, producer of decorative zero care miniature plants in glass containers, is looking for distributors

A French company, situated in the South West area, proposes decorative zero care, long-life miniature plants in glass containers. Those decorative plants are ideal for private homes, offices, outlets, concept stores, hotels and restaurants, garden stores and florists. The company is looking for trade intermediaries across Europe under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

Danish software company offers standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software under license agreements

A young Danish company is specialised in standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions designed for food companies to help them manage their business processes. In order to continue their expansion, the company is looking for food organisations, business consultants, food regulation advisors, certification bodies and other companies and organisations with connections to the food industry to work under license agreements.

Czech producer of bakery seeds as poppy seed, mustard seed, caraway seed, buckwheat and others is looking for agents and distributors in Russia, Germany, the USA and Argentina

A Czech company, specialized in producing bakery seeds and low-volume commodities, is looking for agents or distributors who are well connected with the food industry. Cooperation on the basis of commercial agency or distribution services agreements is considered. The target countries are Russia, Germany, the USA, and Argentina. The company is experienced in international cooperation and is offering only certified products.

Finnish company designing and manufacturing mountain bikes are looking for European manufacturer of mountain bike frames made of either steel, titanium or aluminium

This Finnish company, which has started from the owners own mountain bike riding hobby, is looking for new manufacturing partner in Europe for mountain bike frames. They are interested in manufacturers of steel, titanium and aluminum frames under manufacturing agreement.

Italian powder coating manufacturer is looking for distributors in Europe

An Italian powder coating manufacturer founded over 40 years ago in Northern Italy is looking for European distributors to increase its presence on international markets. In particular, the company is looking for distributors specialized in powder coating equipment, powder paint, and distributors of chemical products for industry, filters for powder coating. The cooperation envisaged is a commercial agency or a distribution services agreements.

A Spanish developor of a SaaS technology that generates automatic sensory characterization reports based on the response of consumers to a tested product seeks outsourcing agreements

A spin-off of a Spanish university has developed a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that allows consumers or specialized tasters to evaluate a product before it goes on the market and generates an automatic sensory characterization report. The system can also control the quality of a product during its production process.The company seeks agreements with other companies to provide this service within the framework of an outsourcing contract.

A company from Lithuania working in contract manufacturing of electrical appliances, lighting, and decor elements areas is offering its services under manufacturing agreement and subcontracting

The Swedish-Lithuanian company successfully setuped in Lithuania, is involved in contract manufacturing of electrical appliances, lighting, and home decor elements. It is offering its services and is looking for partners to work under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.