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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Albanian producer of fresh vegetables seeks distributors.

This is an Albanian company which develops its activity in the field of agriculture (production of fresh vegetables in protected areas and open field and, wholesale of fresh vegetables in Albania and abroad). It aims to become one of the leading producers and exporters of fresh and healthy vegetables. That’s why nowadays is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services agreement.

Singapore autonomous robotics manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore-based company, founded by four roboticists dedicated to the development of autonomous mobile robots for material movement automation, is looking for a new extensive network of partners in the international market. The company is looking for partners to distribute their products in the European market via a distribution service agreement.

Belgian high quality distinct chocolates and chocolate products producer offers its own products to distribution agreements and white label manufacturing services for other brands.

Belgian SME producing specific chocolates, such as artisanal, gourmet, fine, stevia, fair trade, low in sugar and organic, under its our own brand or white-label is looking to conclude manufacturing activities and trade intermediary services agremeents. The chocolates manufacturer is experienced and specialized in private label, new product development and creation of innovative products for recognizable international brands, food-service operations and demanding retailers in the grocery trade.

Israeli company providing services to the aerospace, military, medical, electronics offers subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

An Israeli company was founded in 2006, and specializes in developing, planning and manufacturing precise machining, complex systems and parts assemblies for a variety of industries with high quality requirements. The company is seeking a partner who should have complex and precise metal parts and to have a knowledge and experience in this field and offer their services under outsourcing and subcontracting agreements.

Slovenian company offers innovative corrective helmet for treating babies with flat head syndrome under outsourcing agreement

A Slovenian company is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of custom made orthopedic medical devices, prostheses and orthoses. It offers innovative custom made corrective helmets for treating babies with flat head syndrome. The company is interested in expanding its sales and looking for partners for long-term cooperation under outsourcing agreement.

COVID-19: Ukrainian manufacturer of a non-medical device for disinfection of COVID-19 is looking for distribution service and joint venture agreements

Ukrainian manufacturer of medical and preventive equipment developed, manufactured, and tested a universal device for disinfection of COVID-19 and other types of viruses and bacteria using a vapor-ozone mixture. The company is looking for interested partners in a distribution service or joint venture agreement.