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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

COVID-19: Ukrainian manufacturer of a non-medical device for disinfection of COVID-19 is looking for distribution service and joint venture agreements

Ukrainian manufacturer of medical and preventive equipment developed, manufactured, and tested a universal device for disinfection of COVID-19 and other types of viruses and bacteria using a vapor-ozone mixture. The company is looking for interested partners in a distribution service or joint venture agreement.

Leading Israeli supplier of protective textile solutions for military and security forces seeks distributors

An Israeli company is the country’s earliest still active developer and producer of body armor, with a mastery over practical innovation, production, and supply of protective gear, especially against chemical, biological and other types of dangers. This manufacturer already supplies security forces such as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are looking for distribution manufacturing and franchise partners.

Supplier of displays for sales promotion and point-of-sale solutions sought by German wholesaler

A German wholesaler is searching for new sales promoting display solutions to present specific pet articles in their retailer shops worldwide. They are looking for supplier and manufacturer of displays out of various materials, with a focus on metal presenter for the point-of-sale. The German company is interested in entering into a supplier agreement or a manufacturing agreement.

A French eco-friendly coffee manufacturer is looking for new partners abroad under a commercial agency or distribution agreement

The French Paris-based coffee manufacturer is willing to promote eco-friendly behaviour throughout the world by its innovative coffee biodegradable capsules. The French company offers premium organic coffee in a capsule compatible with Nespresso machines which is 100% natural. The company is well established in France and they are now looking for partners abroad. The cooperation is possible under a commercial agency agreement or a distribution agreement.

Early warning systems for microbial infection

UK based medical device company, specialising in disposable point-of-care infection monitors. First product to market is an IVD for patients on peritoneal dialysis. The device instantly measures white blood cell levels in dialysis effluent and signals if cell levels have crossed the ISPD threshold defining clinical peritonitis. There are 2 formats of the device, for use in PD clinics and for use by patients at home. Therefore, companies in the renal dialysis market are sought for distribution.

A southern Italian company specialized in production of table linens for hotels and restaurants is looking for agents

This Italian company is able to create and customize every product and model intended for the table. The company has been operating in the world of hotel textiles since 1920, dedicating itself mainly to table furnishings, without neglecting bed linen and towels. An artisanal textile tradition handed down from generation to generation. The company is looking for partners in United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France. The type of partnership considered is the commercial agency agreement.

Belarusian university offers production of SERS-active substrates based on plasmonic nanomaterials under manufacturing agreement

The SERS-active substrates based on plasmonic nanomaterials used for rapid analysis in medicine, biomedicine, and criminology. Compatibility of the fabrication process with technological operations of manufacturing microelectronics and MOEMS devices reduces their cost and allows integrating SERS-active regions with optical and electronic elements on a silicon chip and creating microfluidic devices. Belarusian university offers the production of substrates as part of a manufacturing agreement.

Serbian company for research and development of high quality CNC machines is interested in distribution services agreements

Serbian family company offers research and development of high quality CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for plasma, laser and water jet cutting. In addition, the company is engaged in the design and implementation of robotic cells on a «turnkey» basis. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.