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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

French company, creator of an audio sleep aid device is looking for distribution service agreements

Based in southern France, the SME has created an audio sleep aid device that contains guided meditation and relaxation sessions conducted by sleep professionals. The products meet a great success in France where they are distributed by major retailers and concept stores. In several countries, the SME is now looking for value added distributors, able to prospect retailers, manage logistics and marketing under distribution service agreements.

Italian software and hardware house producing vending machines for the automatic distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is looking for distributors and commercial agents under commercial agency and distribution services agreements in Europe

An Italian company, established more than 25 years ago, which designs and produces software and hardware solutions to support business development for the digitization and automation of work processes, with the aim of supporting customers to achieve the highest organizational efficiency is looking for long-term partnership in Europe for the distribution and promotion under commercial agency and distribution services agreements of its innovative and technological advanced vending machines.

Ukrainian woodworking company specializing in manufactured wood products is looking for a partner under manufacturing agreements

The Ukrainian company offers timber supply of the required products from board, veneer, lamellae, wooden shields. The company produces wooden billets, furniture components, wooden stairs, doors, wall decor, wooden 3D panels. It is looking for partners using wood and its components for cooperation and supply of products from Ukraine under a manufacturing agreements, or through subcontracting.

Spanish family business dedicated to the artisan production and sale of canned fish seeks for distribution, manufacturing, or outsourcing agreements

Spanish family business with a long tradition in the totally handmade production of canned sea products seeks to establish distribution, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements. The company is specialized in the manufacture of anchovies and white tuna, although it offers a wide variety of canned products obtained through a careful selection such as mussels, small sardines, cockles, razorshells, mackerel, anchovies, or puddings and cakes of delicacies of the sea.

A Polish hosiery manufacturer offers production capacity and seeks trade partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreements

A Polish SME from the textile sector has nearly 30 years’ experience in manufacturing women’s and children’s hosiery products. The portfolio includes a wide range of tights, stockings and socks that are practical, stylish and fashionable. The company offers manufacturing agreements for production under the contractor’s private label. Long-term collaboration with trade agents and distributors is sought. Cooperation based on commercial agency or distribution services agreements is considered.