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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Dutch office and project furniture wholesale company is looking for a European manufacturer of desk tops and office furniture

Dutch office and project furniture wholesale company offers manufacturing agreements to potential partners that can produce table tops (office desks and dinner tables). Distribution services or commercial agency agreements are also offered to European companies that want to enter the Benelux with their furniture collection.

Russian producer of measuring systems for railway wagons in motion is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian company from the Rostov region is engaged in the development and production of a system for weighing wagons in motion. This measuring device allows round-the-clock automatic weighing of wagons passing through the scales without the participation of an operator. The company is looking for reliable partners from the railway sector to conclude a distribution services agreement.

A company from Poland is looking for companies producing billiards tables and companies producing natural wooden lighting, for cooperation based on manufacturing agreement

The company from north-eastern Poland provides professional pool tables, offering them both to individual and business clients. The company is looking for producers of billiard tables and producers of natural wood lighting. Cooperation based on a distribution contract or manufacturing agreement is sought.

French company, representing designer brands of very creative products made in France, seeks shops and concept stores for distribution in Eastern or Northern Europe

A French company represents several brands and exports original leather goods, jewelry, clothing and accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and candles. These products are designed and manufactured by creative SMEs, which do not yet export, or export very little. The company aims to provide European markets with access to exclusive brands and high quality French products. Shops or concept stores located in Europe interested in enlarging their product portfolio are sought for distribution agreements.

Slovak company offering aerosol extractor in CNC machining centers that protects workers' health and the environment is looking for commercial agents or distributors from Europe and beyond

The Slovak company operating in the field of CNC machining producing its own developed product – aerosol extractor in CNC machining centers, which will rid the workplaces of oil mist and the problems associated with it, seeks for commercial agents or distributors in European and foreign markets.

Belgian company active in the field of infrared-heating systems is looking for European partnerships under distribution or manufacturing agreements.

Due to an enormous market expansion, an experienced Belgian company, which manufactures and sells different infrared- heating systems for domestic and industrial applications, is looking for partners. The European partnerships should be concluded under distribution service agreements and manufacturing agreements.

Bulgarian company, specialized in the production of bread improvers is looking for distributors

An SME from Bulgaria is producing bread improvers and various bakery ingredients. ?he company offers the whole range of complex services concerning the production technology of bread and bread products. This entity is willing to expand its partnering network through signing a distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreem?nt.