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A Korean company is looking for a commercial agent and / or distributor for wireless backhaul (telecommunications) equipment

A Korean company specialized in developing and selling of wireless communication device is offering two types of backhaul equipment that can be applied in times of disaster.
1. A backpack-type mobile base station with wireless backhaul equipment
2. TV white space equipment
The company is open to discuss a cooperation opportunity with a potential agent or distributor who can also provide after-sales services to their customers.

A Finnish company designing and manufacturing garden tools is looking for retailers, agents and distributors for their innovative gardening product to collect fruits.

Retailers or sales agents for gardening products are searched by a Finnish company. The main product is an innovative and patented fruit collecting device aimed for home and allotment gardeners and small orchards. Currently the products are sold abroad via an online store. The company now seeks partnerships to build retail distribution channels in Europe and the USA. The company is looking for cooperation partners on the basis of a distribution services agreement or agent agreement.

Spanish company offers distribution agreement for their device for temperature measuring wirelessly

Spanish company specialized in the own development and production of electronic products has developed a device based on an intelligent system that is composed of three perfectly integrated elements: thermal module, Artificial Intelligence (AI) module and a 7” colour screen. The device can be modified to make ad-hoc adaptations to meet any end-user needs and can be fully integrated into third-party systems. The company is seeking distribution and commercial agreements in global markets.

A Japanese manufacturer of heat insulating curtains is looking for distributors and agents in the EU

A Japanese company with over half a century of experience in the knitting lace manufacture is looking to expand its market presence in the EU. The company provides a thermal insulated curtain, which is popular in its domestic market for its insulating ability while not fully darkening the indoor space. They are looking to engage in a distribution services agreement with an EU partner that has sales channels to the household market and public facilities.

Ukrainian company that developed private messenger with unique security technology is looking for partners for commercial agency agreements

Ukrainian company, which is an expert in all types of security aspects with more than 20 years’ experience, is looking for partners for commercial agency agreements in Germany, France, Italy, UK and Sweden, to grow internationally. The company offers a messenger that successfully resists the most common types of cyber security threats, server hacks and data recovery using digital mobile forensics equipment.

UK distributor of eco-friendly household products seeks suppliers under a manufacturing agreement

The recently-established UK company specialises in the distribution of environmentally friendly household products such as cleaning cloths, tea towels, brushes and toilet paper. It is seeking new partners who are able to supply products sourced and manufactured from sustainable sources, to work with it on a white-label or contract manufacturing basis. Cooperation would take place under a manufacturing or supplier agreement.

Ukrainian company manufacturer of souvenirs and ceramics decor is looking for partners on the basis of distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement, commercial agency agreement.

Ukrainian company specializing in the production of ceramic products has developed a handmade technique for the production of unique decorative elements for home and interior. They are looking for European partners active in the home, garden and decor industries to enter international markets through distribution agreements, commercial agency or manufacturing agreement.