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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Romanian producer of traditional roasted vegetable spread is looking for foreign agents or distributors

A Transylvanian SME, with 7 years of experience in processing and preserving fruits and vegetables, is cooking and selling a Romanian traditional roasted vegetable spread called “zacusca”, which is made only of natural ingredients (no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours). The SME is looking for foreign agents or distributors so as to promote and sell its authentic Romanian product abroad.

The Slovak law company offers its legal support for companies interested in establishing their business under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

The law company from Slovakia is specialised in commercial law, corporate governance, labour law, M&A, intellectual property and other business-related branches of law. The company offers its legal and consultancy services for companies entering the Slovak market or companies already operating there. The law company is interested in a long-term cooperation with companies from the EU and non-EU countries. Its main interest is to establish an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

COVID-19: Czech manufacturer of air purifier with improved capture of viral pollution is looking for distribution services agreement

Czech small company has developed and now manufactures a highly efficient air purifier suitable for use in homes, offices and hotels. The patented air purifier is based on innovative technology combining 3 types of filters. The filter combination ensures 99,9975% elimination of viral pollution. The company is searching for distributors to conclude distribution services agreements.

Italian company that produces high quality outerwear is looking for distibutors, commercial agents and manufacturing agreements

Italian company specialized in the production of high quality and luxury outwear is looking for distributors, agents and manufacturing agreements.
It offers its production know-how to both Private Label and Brands, that wish to convert their ideas into outerwear garments for man and woman. The attention to detail and quality are the distinctive traits of a product that has its roots in the traditional craftsmanship of Tuscany.

A Turkish company is looking for distributors for CNC welding and lathing machines for cookware production

A Turkish company, located in Turkey and established in 2009, is manufacturing lathing and welding machines for kitchenware production. (pots, pans, boilers). The machines are automated, CNC integrated and used for the lathing process of pots, pans, boilers. The company operates at regional level and wants to expand its range towards Europe and therefore the company is seeking distributors.

UK supplier of golf simulator systems seeks distribution partners

The UK company supplies 3D golf simulation systems for home, professional and commercial use. Using sophisticated sensor and graphics technology, the systems not only allow the user to improve their game in practice mode, but also to “play” on the world’s top 300 golf courses. The company is keen to grow its business through the appointment of resellers throughout Europe, via distribution services agreements.

Irish manufacturer of donkey milk soaps seeks distribution service agreement in all countries

The Irish company manufactures donkey milk soaps as small individual sculptures in the shape of farm and wild animals, birds, cars and other real life figures or ornaments. They now seek a distribution service agreement in all countries. Distributors should have good contacts with retail outlets such as department and gift stores, tourist and duty free outlets.