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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

A Polish large-format printing house and advertising agency offers wide range of manufacturing services covering different types of print and production of advertising media and products

A Polish company is specialised in production of all types of advertising materials (signs, billboards, citylights, information boards, building markings, visual identification systems, pictograms, totems, light letters and more) and provision of large format printing services on many types of surfaces and materials. It offers its manufacturing and subcontracting services to foreign partners looking for advertising materials.

CRM197 recombinant protein from a Chinese bio-technology company open to partnership through distribution or commercial agency agreements.

The Chinese company, founded in 2017, offers high-quality recombinant protein for research use. Up until now, one of its core products is CRM197 (cross-reactive material 197) recombinant protein. The company is seeking partnership with potential foreign partners, and those from Europe in particular. The desired ways of cooperation include the signing of a distribution or commercial agency agreements.

Italian company offers franchise agency agreements for a new high-tech gym system

An Italian company has devised a comprehensive high-tech universal gym integrated system (equipment, sensors and methodology) based on the use of an innovative patented technology capable of guaranteeing outstanding and measurable physical results in a short time. The company is now looking for partners interested in making franchise agency agreements.

An Ukrainian company engaged in producing rubber products is looking for partners abroad under manufacturing agreement

The Ukrainian company is a research-and-production enterprise specializing in improving the reliability and wear-life of mining equipment due to the design and manufacture of special rubber lining and other rubber technical products of high quality. A manufacturing agreement is offered to partners seeking a reliable contract manufacturer.

An Ukrainian manufacturer of friction and braking products is looking for distributors and commercial agents

An Ukrainian manufacturer of brake pads, brake linings, brake blocks, clutch facings, sealant materials and other friction and braking products has been present on the friction products market for 40 years. The plant is a manufacturer of brake components for automotive, railway, quarry and other industries. It is certified in accordance with all of EU standards and requirements. The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors.

Spanish-English intermediary commercial agent is offering supplier services of standard metal and specially customised orders of nuts, bolts, screws and metal hardware, including all types of special treatments, to companies within the engineering sector

The intermediary commercial agent is looking to provide supplier services of standard metal and specially customised orders of nuts, bolts, screws and metal hardware, plus all types of special treatments to companies working in the wind sector, façade and window technology, timber construction, offshore, pipeline and plant construction, tunnel and bridge construction, shipyard, and equipment fabrication. Working partnership based on a commercial agency agreement.

A Chinese company providing poultry farming equipment seeks European partners to sign distribution services agreement

The Chinese company can provide a whole set of solutions for the poultry farming industry, including equipment design, manufacturing, export formalities, installation and technological support services. Based on its increased production capacity, it wants to explore European distribution partners for its poultry farming equipment. Potential cooperation could be via a distribution services agreement.