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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Russian developer of traffic management projects, integrated traffic management schemes, new route networks in cities and regions, as well as software for automating these processes seeks licensees

A Russian company specializing in traffic management has developed projects for traffic management, integrated traffic management schemes, new route networks in cities and regions, as well as software for data automation processes. The company is looking for partners to conclude a license agreement.

Russian producer of ionite substrates for agriculture is looking for partners under distribution services or joint venture agreements

A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the production of ionite substrates. It is an environmentally friendly natural supplement containing all the nutrients necessary for harmonious plant growth, without chemical fertilizers. These ionite substrates are offered for organizations related to agriculture. The Russian company is looking for reliable foreign partners to conclude distribution services or joint venture agreements.

Spanish manufacturer of racks and displays for ceramic tiles is looking for ceramic tiles importers or distributors in Europe and other EEN countries

This Spanish family-owned company with more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing of racks and displays for ceramics tiles is seeking ceramic tiles importers or distributors to expand to other European and EEN countries under a distribution agreement. They have been providing products and services to the main Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers throughout their wide career.

A UK company that designs and manufactures a range of electric heating and melting equipment used in the roofing and construction industry seeks distributors.

The UK company has developed a range of safe, gas-free equipment for the roofing industry that works with bitumen-based roofing compounds.The first of these electric-powered devices allow for melting bitumen-based compounds, the second is an electric hot-air torch used for drying surfaces, activating self-adhesive membranes to horizontal and vertical upstands, and effecting all types of detail work including pitch pockets. It is seeking market entry through distribution service agreements.

Experienced Belgian manufacturer of feed supplements wishes to collaborate with experienced distributors for specific non-European countries.

An experienced Belgian manufacturer specialized in the production of mineral feed supplements for cattle, sheep, goats and poultry seeks partners which are familiar with the sector, have an established local network and are willing to distribute its broad range of feed supplements in specific non-European countries.

Macedonian producer of refractory products is looking for distributors or agents via distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement

This company from North Macedonia is one of the leading refractory(heat resistant) materials providers in the country They supplying fire-clay and high alumina refractory materials to industrial clients in Macedonia and the Balkan region, as well as Russia, Ukraine, and European Union. They are looking to establish long-term business relationships with foreign companies – distributors or agents via distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement.

The Russian developer of innovative wires and lightning cables for overhead lines seeks distributors abroad

The Russian company specializing in transmission and distribution of electricity has developed ASWT and ASWP wires-plastic deformation technology, that provides an increase in the filling factor up to 92-97%, which leads to a significant increase in strength and cross-sectional area, without increasing the diameter, reducing the aerodynamic load (20-35%), ice formation (25-40%). The company is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.

A Polish textile SME producing woven and knitted narrow fabrics offers manufacturing and distribution agreements

A Polish company from the textile sector experienced in manufacturing of woven and knitted narrow fabrics (tapes, elastics, fringes, nets) is looking for distributors and wholesalers. Cooperation based on distribution services is considered. Industrial partners using textile narrow fabrics from such branches as shoemaking, bookbinding, furniture production, ortopeadic materials are sought to offer them production capabilities. Manufacturing agreement is envisaged in this case.

A Poland based company, producing natural suplements for animals, is looking for distributors.

A Polish company producing natural supplements for animals has developed a line of its own products. The company offers high quality products for poultry, horses, cattle, flock, sheep, camels, pigeons and domestic pets. The company has its own, well established brand but also is active as a white label producer for different brands. The company would like to start cooperation with foreign distributors of its products.