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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

The Russian developer of system for automatic sorting of solid waste using artificial intelligence seeks distributors

The Russian company specializing in the field of automatic sorting of solid waste has developed a system, that automatically sorts recyclable waste with high speed and efficiency using AI-controlled medium-and light-duty robots. The company is looking for partners to conclude a distribution, financial or license agreements.

Polish company offers wallpapers printing solutions, posters and photoblocks under manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreements

A Polish SME company operating in the printing industry has over 10 years’ experience on the market. The company’s offer includes wallpapers printing solutions, photoblocks, roll-ups, binders, A3 and A4 posters, large format posters and many more. The company is offering its products and services to international business partners under manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreements.

Romanian manufacturer of original jewellery with pressed flowers seeks international business partners under distribution agreements

A Romanian company offers original jewellery created using pressed flowers. All products are handmade. The company offers earrings, brooches, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets etc. The company is interested in identifying international business partners for distributing its products under distribution services agreements.

Distributor for highly innovative and environmentally friendly personal care products sought by Swedish SME

The Swedish company is a small SME focused on product innovation, production and marketing of their eco-friendly brand and products within the personal care market. The SME has received many awards for their highly sustainable solution that contributes to a more circular economy. The target group is consumers interested in lowering their own climate footprint and who value natural products with high quality at an accessible price. The SME is looking for a distribution services agreement.

European manufacturers or suppliers of personalized magnetic metal boxes for children sought by a young Belgian start-up

As part of a new educational support’s development, a Belgian woman entrepreneur specialized in the development of educational and playful learning methods for children seeks European partners able to provide suitable and secure personalized magnetic metal boxes for children’s (similar to metallic colored pencil boxes) in order to finalize and market its finished product. Cooperation would take place under the framework of a manufacturing agreement or supplying agreement on a long-term basis.

Italian wine and olive oil producer seeks distributors and agents

The Italian company is looking to increase its presence in international markets, mainly EU, USA, China, Australia and Japan, via distribution or commercial agency agreements. The company is based in Tuscany and produces Chianti Classico wines, in particular: Chianti Classico DOCG, Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG, Super Tuscan IGT, Vinsanto, Grappa, as well as extra virgin olive oil.