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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Italian company involved in the production of handmade jewelry is looking for agents and distributors.

An Italian company specialised in manufacturing jewellery inspired by nature in silver and brass in the following categories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, is interested in identifying international business partners to represent or to sell its products (small series designs) under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

Liquid waterproofing systems for the construction sector – looking for distribution partners

A German SME active in the development, production and sales of liquid waterproofing systems for the construction sector is looking for distribution partners and manufacturing agreements. The German company offers a broad product range of waterproofing systems for the waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies and parking decks, as well as all connection details and special solutions.

A Dutch company is looking for commercial partners in Europe for their air sterilization systems against COVID-19.

A company with a location in the Netherlands, other European countries and the US, is looking for commercial partners in Europe for selling their air sterilization systems against COVID-19. The systems can be used in professional and residential areas to avoid infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or moulds transmitted through the air. The company aims at a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.

An Albanian company that offers ICT solutions seeks international partners to get engaged in an outsourcing agreement.

Albanian ICT company was established in 2006 to provide clients with top-quality, innovative, reliable, cost effective, and time saving business and IT solutions. Its clients belong to private, public entities and international organizations. The company’s expertise consists of the following areas: IT Business and Software Solutions, IT Consulting Services. It is looking for an outsourcing agreement.

A Dutch SME, specialist in in- and outdoor signposting is offering its automated design for signposting boards in a CAD-system to authorities and profit and non-profit organizations as licensees

A Dutch company gives guidance to authorities and companies in the choice up to realization of in- and outdoor signposting. The SME is partner in designing, making, placing, managing and maintaining. The types of signage are utilitarian, object and touristic signage. For the realization of the signposts the SME applies a Computer Added Design (CAD) system. In this way the signposts are fully automated created. The Dutch SME is looking for potential partners and offers a license agreement.

Italian company involved in upcycling and circular economy is looking for fabrics, materials and accessories suppliers under supplier agreements

An Italian artisan company that produces accessories, objects and furnishing elements by recovering technical materials, offcuts and production waste is looking for two types of suppliers:
– a first type suppliers for raw materials required in the manufacturing process (zips, belt, etc);
– a second type for outdoor fabrics, pvc, used sails or sailmaker’s offcuts.
Cooperation with the partners identified will be based on supplier agreements.

Polish company specializing in the production of pneumatic advertising and large-format prints is looking for advertising agencies, media houses, commercial companies to cooperate on the basis of a manufacturing agreement or a subcontracting contract

A company from north-eastern Poland specializes in the production of pneumatic advertising (balloons, gates, tents, poles recreational equipment) and large-format prints, wallpapers, stapled covers, exhibition walls, banners, flags, unusual giant pneumatic structures. It is looking for advertising agencies, media houses and commercial companies to cooperate on the basis of a production contract or a subcontracting contract.

Russian research and production company is developing high-voltage testing equipment and is looking for distributors

A Russian company from the Republic of Dagestan is engaged in the production of serial measuring and testing equipment. The company offers high-voltage automated test stations, measuring equipment, high-voltage stands and test facilities. The company is interested in finding foreign partners in order to conclude a distribution services agreement.