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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

A Bulgarian software development company offers disruptive tech solutions and products for hardware and software Android dedicated devices under license and outsourcing agreements

The Bulgarian company is specialised in designing and developing mobile and web applications, transforming existing products with cutting edge technologies and concepts. It offers a set of innovative products in multiple areas – digital media, autonomous mobility, smart city, digital health & well-being industries as well as hardware and software Android dedicated devices vendors. The company is looking for global partners under license and outsourcing agreements.

Italian SME specialized in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and electronics’ services for product development is looking for partners under outsourcing agreement.

SME from Northern Italy (Lombardy), specialized in providing electronic design services to develop / improve / validate / support / commercialize electronic products (software and hardware) and technologies, is looking for outsourcing agreements. The firm offers its know-how and experience to help end-users, start-ups, SMEs and big companies operating in Europe to develop and/or commercialize their innovative products and services.

Tick removing spoon for an infection free removal is offered for distribution by a Hungarian developer

A Hungarian company developed a tick removing spoon, now available in pharmacies, veterinary pharmacies and petrol stations, which can remove the adult blood-sucked tick from the human and animal skin without squeezing the tick’s body. The company is looking for potential partners, distributors who are interested in purchasing and distributing the product.

A metal company from Serbia, specialized in manufacturing and maintenance of processing equipment and tools for food industry, construction, chemical and other industries, is interested in manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

A Serbian company, founded in 1911, specialised in metal processing, manufacture of fabricated metal products and manufacture, installation and maintenance of processing equipment and machinery. It manufactures equipment for receipt and transport of materials, mixers of various types, metal containers and other metal products used in food, construction, chemical and other industries. The company seeks partners for manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.

An Italian company is looking for agents and/or distributors for its artificial vision and signal acquisition systems

The company, which is located in Northern Italy, develops, designs and manufactures artificial vision, signal acquisition and generation, and control systems, mainly targeted at the high performance/high requirement systems. It is interested in partnerships within the framework of a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.

A UK clinical research organisation (CRO) offers specialist clinical trials for subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.

A UK clinical research organisation (CRO) offers specialist affordable, scalable clinical trials services for medical device, medical technology and pharmaceutical companies who need to design and run all types of clinical trials in order to gather high quality evidence for their product. The company seeks a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.

A German biotechnology company is offering research and development subcontracting services in the field of microbiome technologies

A Berlin based biotech company is active in the field of microbiome and glycobiology research. They are offering their expertise in strain development, strain analysis, assay development, microbial-glycobiology, fermentation and production processes in the framework of a subcontracting or an outsourcing agreement.