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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Swedish company offering dehumidification products seeks distributors

A Swedish air treatment company designing and manufacturing innovative, energy efficient dehumidification products for all climates is looking for distributors. The company manufactures “smart” desiccant dehumidifiers that effectively removes humidity and odours using a new desiccant patented technology. The partner sought is a supplier within the ventilation or water industry that could collaborate through an agent or distribution contract.

A Dutch concrete factory is looking for a sustainable alternative for polyethylene foam for the protection of concrete plates

A Dutch concrete manufacturer is looking for partners that can help to supply or develop innovative solutions to replace the currently used polyethylene foam with a sustainable and environmentally friendly, degradable alternative. The alternative will be applied as cover for iron spacers and used to protect the concrete plates during storage and transportation. Companies are sought to provide their solution or enhance existing technology via a supplier agreement.

Commercial agents sought for workplace management software supporting organisation and collaborative use of hybrid workplaces

A German startup has developed a workplace management software supporting companies to effectively work and collaborate in hybrid teams, to manage shared desks and to meet Covid-19 regulations as limitation of people per room, isolation distances and monitoring of vaccination, recovery or test status. The software is offered as a service and is currently available in English and German language. Sales cooperation with partners in Europe is sought based on commercial agency agreements.

A German manufacturer of high quality additives for fuels and lubricants is looking for international distribution partners

A German SME is specialized in production of high-quality additives for fuels and lubricants. Additives have multiple positive effects and are used in the storage and combustion of fossil and biogenic energy sources. The company is looking for partners with access to the petroleum trade, refineries, service station networks and operators of commercial vehicles through distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements.

Manufacturer for mattresses for camper vans sought

An Austrian camping and vanlife competence center is looking for a partner to manufacture mattresses. They convert transporters into cozy camper vans and sell camping equipment. The company retails the dimensions of all required matresses. They are looking for a manufacturer within the EU. The type of cooperation sought is manufacturing agreement.

Polish company specialized in precision mechanical CNC machining, offers its high quality services as a subconstructor or manufacturer

A Polish company specialising in precision machining (turning, milling, welding and drilling) of various materials components based on drawings or reversed engineering is searching for partners. The company has many years of experience in different branches, such as automotive, aviation, medical, food, brewery. It is ready to cooperate under a manufacturing agreement or as a subcontractor.

Pig breeding Romanian company is looking for distributors on foreign markets

Pig breeding company, established in the South-West Region of Romania, offers a small to medium-sized breed known for its fat production and is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign companies based on distribution services agreement. This breed of pig differs from others in the contents of polyunsaturated fats by having low cholesterol, more vitamins and a good lipid profile meat for health.

Slovak manufacturer looking for a distributor for its vegetable drinks and yoghurts offers distribution agreement or franchise development

The Slovak company is engaged in the production of plant based drinks, yoghurts and nut products without additives, lactose or gluten. The company operates an online store and two mortar shops, where it offers not only its own products. The company is looking for distributors for its products and is also interested in franchising development in Europe.

Slovene company looking for producers of lawn mowers and spare parts for agricultural machinery for distribution services agreement

A Slovene trading company, specialist in sales of agricultural and garden maintenance equipment and machines, is looking for producers of spare parts for agricultural machinery and lawn mowers who would be interested to supply their products and extend their sales on the Slovene market. They are interested in signing a distribution services agreement.