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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Hungarian producer of detergents and cleaners is looking for distributors from the European countries

The Hungarian company specialized in the production of detergents and cleaners, such as washing gel, washing soda, washing nuts, production of cleaning and disinfecting products as paving stone cleaner, oil stain cleaner, artificial stone cleaner, yacht cleaner is looking for mainly European partners to establish distribution service agreement.

French handcraft producer of high-end leather goods is looking for retail partners abroad with a boutique or an online store

A French SME designs and produces high-quality leather products in full-grain Novonappa calfskin by hand in four colours. The SME has created original pieces with origami techniques. It offers small items such as cases (phone, glasses, cards…) and accessories for decoration (mouse pad, coasters…), clothing (belts, bowties…) or travelling (bags…). It offers tailor-made cases for Master Chef knive. The SME seeks retail partners abroad or online shops for distribution services agreements.

COVID-19: Cabin for head to toe disinfection of people is offered under distribution services agreement

A Bulgarian company active in the field of automation of industrial production offers for distribution a cabin for head to toe disinfection of people, which ensures prevention from further virus/bacteria spread, while also being harmless, safe to work within closed areas, easy for installation and use and customizable. The cabin is suitable for use in COVID-19 conditions and is also appropriate for disinfection and prevention against other pathogenic microorganisms.

Italian alkaline vegan natural products/ methods provider to optimise health, beauty and regeneration of the body seeks distributors

The company was founded in 2015 and is based in South Tyrol in Italy but its activity takes place internationally. It offers alkaline, vegan certified products and methods to enhance health, beauty and regeneration of the body. Due to expansion the company is looking for trade partners via a distribution service agreement to offer products on external markets, especially in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Russia and USA.

Dutch designer of women’s vegan leather goods is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of plant leathers.

The Dutch designer started in 2019 and has created a high-end brand with timeless women’s belts, bags, laptop cases, wallets and accessories. The strategic aim is to use only vegan leather materials from plants and therefore the SME is looking for a cooperation with manufactures or suppliers of plant leathers. The SME offers a manufacturing or supplier agreement.

Alternative packaging supplier sought for olive oil bottles sent through e-commerce channels

An Italian company, olive oil producer, is interested in getting in touch with producers of paper or other packaging solutions that could be applied to olive oil e-commerce expeditions. The Italian company is interested in commercial agreements and especially in existing solutions that company does not know yet but could be applicable to the specific case: paper packaging provided in small quantities or alternative packaging solutions through supplier agreement.

Polish company seeks producers or suppliers of raspberry seeds or dried pomace after the production of raspberry juice to cooperate under long term supplier agreement

Polish SME from Lower Silesia region, manufacturer of the high quality cold pressed oils for cosmetics and agrofood industry seeks producers or suppliers of raspberry seeds or dried pomace after the production of raspberry juice. The company is interested in cooperation under long term supplier agreement.