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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Online case-based learning resource for world-wide medical students

A UK ICT company has developed a quiz case-based learning resource and online platform for worldwide medical students which works on mobile, tablet and desktop. The platform supports undergraduate medical students in the application of medical knowledge in a clinical setting and is already in use across the UK. The system is available via licensing agreement to universities or research institutes training medical students.

UK manufacturer of a high quality anti-viral paint seeks distributors worldwide

This UK based paint manufacturer brings over 30 years’ background experience of innovation and supply of anti-viral products for professional and retail sectors to this exciting new venture. Resulting from years of development, this is the first anti-viral paint which has been independently tested in the UK and proven to reduce cross contamination. The company is looking to develop its presence globally and seeks experienced distributors with solid local market knowledge.

German company developing, producing and selling feed additives and veterinary medicines for animal feed and husbandry is looking for a distribution service agreement

A German company that develops, produces and sells natural feed additives, supplement feed, veterinary medicines and care and hygiene products is looking for partners for a distribution service agreement. All products are oregano based and can be used for all types of livestock.

A Chinese company offering unmanned agricultural robots seeks European partners via a distribution services agreement

This is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specialised in the R&D, sales and service of unmanned agricultural robots. It focuses on technical innovation and product application in the field of agriculture of future. Based on its business exploration, the company is looking for European distributors for its unmanned agricultural robot products via a distribution services agreement.