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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

An Ukrainian delicatessen snail farm is looking for distributors in European countries and abroad

The Ukrainian farm offers a delicious snail of the Helix Aspersa Muller breed and finished products from it. The farm is certified, the products meet quality and safety standards.
The farm is looking for a potential distributor who would be interested in the delicacy snail and its products. The company is also interested in finding a partner who could invest in the expansion and modernization of the processing plant to increase the production of finished products from snail meat.

A Polish producer of poultry meat seeks partners to conclude manufacturing and distribution services agreement

A Polish SME from food sector specialises in processing of poultry meat. Modern plant opened in 2020 enables to manufacture up to 200 tons/day of chilled or deeply frozen mechanically deboned and minced (MDM) chicken and turkey meat. The high quality of these raw materials is confirmed by IFS, BRC and Halal certificates. The manufacturing agreement is offered to producers of food articles with poultry meat usage. New trade partners are sought to conclude distribution services agreements.

A French company specialized in agribusiness offers saffron export through distribution services agreement

A France-based exporting company is looking for wholesalers under distribution services agreements for its new activity : export of saffron from Iran. Iran is the world’s main producer of saffron. The company’s representative in Iran and strong relationship with local producers guarantee the quality and competitive prices. The international experience of 25 years in agribusiness ensures the organization of the entire process of operations.

Israeli SME in the field of fluid control is looking for a distributor

This Israeli company is a well-known leading international manufacturer in the field of fluid control. Its products include flexible hoses, expansion joints, energy and steam systems, control devices, sealing and insulation gaskets, industrial devices and banding pipes. The company is looking for partners for distribution services agreements, commercial agency agreements, and joint venture agreements.

Polish manufacturer of wooden products (wooden stands, shelves, flower beds, boxes, garden pots, kindling wood) is looking for distributors and offers its services on the basis of subcontracting agreement

A Polish company, a leading manufacturer of wooden trestles, shelves, flower stands, boxes, garden pots, kindling wood is looking for distributors and customers for the production of new products, also with the customer’s logo. Cooperation would be based on a manufacturing or subcontracting (according to the design provided by the client) or a distribution services agreement. The company has free processing capacity, therefore it is looking for foreign business partners.

Medical injection products by a Chinese producer open to business partnership through an agency or distribution agreement

The Chinese company, founded in July 2020, takes development of medicine-equipment combination products as its core business. It has independently developed medical needle injection systems which can be widely appplied. It is now expanding its overseas market, and hopes to collaborate with foreign potential sales partners under agency or distribution agreement.

A Dutch cybersecurity company offers penetration tests and management vulnerability services, to conclude subcontracting.

A Dutch company is a service provider in cybersecurity. The company offers penetration tests and vulnerability management services. A penetration test, is an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. The company is looking for partners to conclude subcontracting.

UK designer and producer of swimwear and accessories, including cosplay wear, seeks distributor agreements and European manufacturing partners

This UK company designs and produces a range of swimwear and accessories targeting users of leisurewear, swimming and diving apparel. Part of the company’s range is focussed on the costume play (cosplay) market, producing mermaid style tails which are popular with this consumer sector. The company is looking to enter into distributor agreements with businesses experienced in this sector, and is also seeking European manufacturing partners.

Bulgarian women entrepreneurship association is looking for partners under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

A Bulgarian women entrepreneurship association, founded to empower and inspire women to become intentional and conscious leaders in business, career and public life, is looking to extend their reach to other EU countries. The association is looking for public or private similar networks, women NGOs, charities, SMEs or start-ups worldwide to collaborate under subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.