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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Romanian company offers to operate as distributor or commercial agent for new e-bikes, bicycles and accessories on the Romanian market.

An experienced Romanian distributor of bikes and accessories, including well known foreign brands of bikes wishes to develop and expand the number and diversity of products in its range, as well as the number of its customers and the covered areas. They are offering to operate as distributors or commercial agents for new products provided by EU companies on the Romanian market.

Slovenian micro-roastery, which roasts, packs and sells coffee under its own brand or “white label”, is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of coffee bags and capsules under manufacturing or supplier agreement.

A Slovenian micro coffee roastery, which roasts and packs coffee under its own brand or for «white label», is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of coffee bags and capsules. The company wants to diversify its offer of packaged coffee from just packaging in bags, to new options and forms of packaging. The company is looking for manufacturers of stand up poaches ZIP coffee bags in sizes 150g, 250g, 500g and 1 kg and coffee capsules under supplier or manufacturing agreement.

A Croatian producer of high-quality nutritious ingredients of plant origin is looking for agents for long-term cooperation under commercial agency agreement

The Croatian company that separates plant ingredients such as protein, starch and fibre in a gentle and environmentally sustainable way and turns them into high-quality products intended for the food industry is looking for agents for long-term cooperation under commercial agency agreement.

The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking for partners offering cattle-tracking equipment under distribution services agreement

The company was founded in 2014 in the municipality of Kalinovik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an agriculture cooperative. It is specialized in cattle breeding in the cow-calf system and also has experience in introduction of digital technology into this area. The company is looking for providers of cattle-tracking equipment, to distribute their products under distribution services agreement. Main countries of interest for partnerships are Austria, Germany, Spain and Czech Republic.

A Greek leading company in wastewater management and environmental applications offers innovative approach, using AI and seeks partners for technical and/or subcontracting agreements.

A Greek SME company based in Patras is looking for partners interested in wastewater treatment management, biogas or extraction of useful ingredients from agricultural waste residues. The company offers a wide range of professional services, including the ability to work with big data for industrial applications in these fields. The company is looking for technical and/or subcontracting agreements.

A Romanian company specialized in the development of software applications is looking for partners for outsourcing agreement

The company is located in southeastern Romania and was established in 2014. They offer a variety of IT services packages. The team is specialized in the development of software applications such as mobile applications, network design and personalized solutions. The partnership agreement is sought in terms of an outsourcing agreement.

A Korean company specializing in customized vehicle design services is looking for partners who need to source car body and component design and various working prototypes under an outsourcing agreement

A Korean company specializes in vehicle design services, based on the client’s needs for a car body and component design and a working prototype. The company has basically conducted a wide range of customized vehicle design projects. They are seeking automotive companies in the EU market who require their customized services under an outsourcing agreement.

German SME active in the production of injection moulded plastic parts is looking for manufacturing or outsourcing agreements

A German SME active since 1972 offers the CAD construction and production of parts of customer specific injection moulded plastic parts. The German company owns a broad range of 30 injection moulding machines with a closing force of up to 350 tons, is experienced with the use of a broad range materials, offers several assembly processes and offers most common quality assurance tests internally. The SME is looking for manufacturing and outsourcing agreements.