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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Russian manufacturer of facade concrete made of glass fiber reinforced concrete is looking for foreign partners under distribution or manufacturing agreements

The Russian company from Ivano is engaged in the production of a facade decor of any type of complexity from modern and durable material – glass fiber reinforced concrete. The forms made of this material can be used for the facade of walls, for the decoration of home, residential and office premises. The Russian company is looking for reliable partners to conclude distribution services or manufacturing agreements.

Russian developer of high-tech domestic production of pharmaceutical substances, chemical reagents and other products of fine organic synthesis is looking for distributors

A Russian company specializing in the field of pharmacy and chemistry has developed a high-tech domestic production of pharmaceutical substances, chemical reagents and other products of fine organic synthesis. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution services, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

The Russian developer and producer of medical simulation equipment seeks distributors on the European market

The Russian company specializing in medical service has developed and produced medical simulation equipment. Thanks to a highly professional team of hardware and software developers, the company independently manufactures all components for simulators, observing the highest quality standards, and presenting dozens of innovative solutions for each of the products. The company is looking for partners to conclude a distribution service agreement.

A German interdisciplinary communications agency specialised in public relations, content marketing and conference management, with expertise in various technical topics, offers their services under a subcontracting or outsourcing

A German agency for communications, public relation, content marketing and conference management is specialized in marketing and presentation of technical content in various application fields. They offer their expertise to all organizations looking for professional PR services and content marketing. Moreover, they seek EU project consortia that are looking for a professional dissemination partner for the work package dissemination. Subcontracting or outsourcing agreements can be concluded.

Southwestern Polish chemical manufacturer, specializing in biodegradable consumer products based on natural resources, seeks a distributor

Polish chemical manufacturer from the southwestern region wants to introduce its products made from natural resources to new foreign markets. The company produces goods such as biodegradable products for the maintenance of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and for protection of humans from insects and microorganisms. The manufacturer looks for partnerships under distribution service agreements.

The Serbian spa operator seeks commercial agents for rehabilitation programs for patients with rheumatic and neurological diseases

Located 150km away from Belgrade airport, and connected with a highway, the spa offers high-quality accommodation, with a view of the mountain and forest. The healing properties of the spa are known from ancient times and a clinic for rehabilitation of patients with rheumatic and neurological diseases was founded in 2010. The spa is looking for reliable foreign travel agencies and tour operators that are interested in cooperation under a commercial agency agreement.

Manufacturer of shot blast solutions for surface treament is looking for distributors or commercial agents

A medium-sized manufacturer of blasting machines for surface treatment from Germany is looking for distribution partners. It has a wide range of applications with many machines. The workpieces to be treated can range from small chains to large steel constructions. The machines are mainly used in metal processing, mechanical engineering companies, foundries, automotive industry, fastening industry, etc. The company offers a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement.

South-Western Polish manufacturer of traditional handmade pottery with copyright designs seeks for distribution services agreements.

The company from south-west region of Poland is a big manufacturer of handmade decorated pottery with the tradition of its factory going back to the 19th century. Has a very wide range of copyright design dishes that compose breakfast, dinner, coffee and tea sets according to the client needs. The offered ceramics fit to various styles of kitchens, restaurants and hotels. The company looks for a partnership under distribution services agreements.