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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Spanish manufacturer of animal health products seeks distributors for pet tablets

The company was established in 1927 so it has a long experience in the production of products for animal health. The product offered is a chondroprotector made from hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin sultate, probiotics, vitamins, calcium, etc in tablets that helps to improve the development of the bone-muscular system, articulations, tendons…of the animals. The company also offers to manufacture any type of tablet with a nutraceutical registration to be distributed under a white label. The company is looking for dealers to introduce the products in different international markets under a distribution services agreement.

UK agent seeks to represent new providers of organic foods and healthcare products, including Chinese herbal medicines via a commercial agency agreement

A UK agency is seeking new products to represent to the UK market. They are specifically seeking health and vitality supplements, homeopathy traditional Chinese herbal medicine as well as organically reared free-range poultry and grass fed livestock food and organic beverage products, via agency agreement. All products must be safety and import/export compliant.

A Spanish company manufacturer of woodwork desktop CNC milling machines is looking for commercial agents or distributors

A Spanish tech start-up dedicated to the research, design and production of technological tools for digital manufacturing, is looking for distribution service or commercial agency agreements for its CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines engravers. All types and sizes of companies are sought for cooperation, but artisan woodworking workshops related sectors could benefit the most from this technology.

Irish manufacturer of exotic food ingredients suitable for food production and food services seeks distribution agreements in the United Kingdom and Europe

An Irish company produces and sells exotic food ingredients across Ireland, ranging from native flours. Looking for distribution agreements with importers, distributors and food producers in the United Kingdom and all European countries. The native flours consist of ranges from wheat grass, quinoa, whole lentil, black bean, sorghum, rice and white corn.

Singapore company seeks European partners for renewable energy projects in Vietnam via joint venture agreement

The Singapore company is focused on collaborating with and assisting companies in the development of sustainable energy solutions by leveraging on key strengths to realise the corporate vision and that of clients and partners. The company is looking for European partners for renewable energy projects in Vietnam via a joint venture agreement.