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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

Ukrainian producer of handmade knitted toys and gifts is looking for distributors or wholesalers

Ukrainian company produces eco-friendly knitted gifts with handmade elements. The company offers not only high-quality souvenirs but safe toys (CE mark) at the same time. The company is already represented on the gift market of Estonia, Latvia, and Germany. Due to good sales, the company is going to expand its international network and is looking for distributors or wholesalers from other EU countries. The company is looking for cooperation within the distribution services agreement.

An Israeli company has developed a novel diagnostic tool for diabetic patients and is looking for commercial agency or distribution agreements.

A leading Israeli company, specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality medical diagnostic kits and systems has a novel test developed to determine the Haptoglobin type, a predictive marker for high risk of developing cardiovascular complications, in human serum. The company is looking for a commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement, to expand the sales of the test.

UK company has invented a novel alternative to castors and wheels for moving furniture and heavy products is seeking manufacturing agreements and also license agreements.

A UK company has invented a patented device to assist with the movement of heavy objects. Versions of the device are individually designed for use with specific products using the core technology, for example washing machines, office equipment/furniture, microwaves, filing cabinet, large-scale medical equipment. The company seeks to access international markets via manufacturing partners in the furniture and white goods sectors through global licensing/manufacturing agreements

Polish ecological manufacturer of chokeberry juice and cosmetics is looking for distributors

A Polish entrepreneur with almost 8 year-long experience on the food market is looking for distributors. The company is engaged in ecological plantation of chokeberry (aronia berry) in the North-Eastern Poland and produces chokeberry juice and cosmetics based on chokeberry. The manufacturer is looking for distributors abroad want to sell his products in foreign market. The cooperation will be based on distribution agreement.

UK SME supplying construction and temporary works equipment seeks a service or supplier agreement with partners who have small batch injection moulding capabilities and can offer basic assembly services.

This UK SME supplies end-to-end solutions to the construction and temporary works sectors through a cloud-based service that enables users to have full control over the management of temporary works. They seek a service or supplier agreement with partners who have injection moulding capabilities and can offer basic assembly services. The client is scaling production of one product line and launching a second and is looking for a cost competitive supplier for their tag system.