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Oportunidades de Cooperación empresarial

A Ukrainian company producing hosiery products is looking for business partners to work under manufacturing, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Ukrainian company produces >100 items of hosiery products for summer, demi-season and winter. The SME produces its own brands, under private label for popular Ukrainian brands and exports to 4 European countries. The company is able to organize the whole production process (in small batches) or co-manufacturing of hosiery. The targeted types of cooperation are manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.

Russian producer of optical measuring equipment seeks foreign distributors

A Russian company is engaged in the development and production of microclimate parameter meters – temperature, humidity and airspeed. These devices are used to control the microclimate in preschool and medical institutions, in libraries, art galleries, museums, as well as in all industrial enterprises. The Russian company is looking for reliable foreign partners to conclude a mutually beneficial distribution services agreement.

A Macedonian company producing and trading cured meat products is looking for partners to establish distribution agreement

A Macedonian company, specialized in the production and trade of cured meat products as well as additional food lines such as canned fish, flour, pasta, sunflower oil, margarine, condiments, dairy products and frozen vegetables, is looking for international partners to support its market expansion through distribution services agreements.

Spanish SME company focused on the development of IT solutions/services is looking for partners under a manufacturing and outsourcing agreement.

Spanish SME, which provides technology services and business solutions to digitally transform companies and projects, is searching for manufacturing and outsourcing agreement. They use agile methodologies in all their processes to drive innovation and efficiency. They have gained recognition in both local and international markets and have extensive experience in various industries, as well as the EUREKA European certification which shows their commitment and orientation to R&D.

Ukrainian SME working in the automotive industry offers services under a subcontract agreement

The Ukrainian SME specializes in the manufacturing of any possible types of shafts, gearwheels and gear-type metal parts, as well as metal constructions. Depending on the customer’s request the enterprise can also produce any type of metal constructions if the drawings are provided. The company offers their expertise to partners who are in need of their services through subcontracting agreements, in order to expand their business on foreign markets.